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Maybelline Fit Me foundation Review

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This is my girl. I love this song! I'm going to do Rihanna's makeup look soon so look out for pics.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


This year I plan to do big things! I want to get the year started off right. I'm currently looking into schooling for Court Reporting and will continue my career in Makeup. Hopefully everything will work out good for me. I must begin to put everything in action so I can reach my goal.

10 Makeup Tips

1. Always take your makeup off at night. Never sleep with it on.

2. During the day keep it simple save the dramatic looks for the night life.

3. Drink plenty of water!!!!!!!!!

4. Blend, blend, blend!!!! Makeup looks horrible when it's not blended and starts to crease.

5. Always use a base/primer otherwise your makeup will not last.

6. Make sure you apply a moisturizer otherwise your face will tend to look ashy when applying foundation.

7. Use makeup brushes not your fingers to apply makeup this will help you have more control over the look and blend.

8. Clean your brushes!

9. Let your skin breath don't apply makeup everyday it will clog your pores and cause break outs.

10. When doing a dramatic look focus on one part of the face. If you have a dramatic eye go for a soft lip and vice versa.

Bonus!!! Remember practice makes perfect! It's alright if you mess up you can always take it off

Manicured nails

Manicured nails
My fav color is pink

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